With so many of our teachers and teaching teams are supporting tamariki through distance learning at the moment, a number of you have been looking for ways to continue to learn and grow your own teaching practices. Teaching photo

To help, we've pulled together some teaching resources and information that you may find useful. 

If you have any suggestions for additional resources, websites, information or ideas, please contact us and let us know.

We'd love to hear from you!

4/05/2020, 12:02 am
Video: Open-to-Learning Conversations - Relationships and Trust

Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson highlights the importance of building effective relationships and trust to overcome day-to-day challenges in an educational context.

4/05/2020, 12:00 am
Video: Simon Sinek (TED Talks)

Simon Sinek explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change. 

4/05/2020, 12:00 am
He Kupu

He Kupu provides students, teacher educators and related professionals the opportunity to share research and practical knowledge across a wide variety of early childhood education-related disciplines.

3/05/2020, 11:59 pm
Video: Sir Ken Robinson (TED Talks)

Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way we're educating our children. He champions a radical rethink of our school systems, to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence.

3/05/2020, 11:58 pm
Teaching Council of Aotearoa New Zealand

The Teaching Council will work with you to champion all that's best about teaching - good practice, new ideas and inspirational leadership.

3/05/2020, 11:20 pm
Educational Leadership Project

Educational Leadership Project (ELP) provides professional learning and development for educators in the early childhood sector.

3/05/2020, 11:12 pm
Video: Carla Rinaldi on making learning visible

Carla Rinaldi discusses the importance of making learning visible.

3/05/2020, 10:44 pm
Video: Carla Rinaldi on documentation

Carla Rinaldi discusses the benefits of documentation in child care.